How to stop a student from working ahead?

I have a student who is able to work ahead many lessons in our current unit. She does this from home. I will talk to her and ask her to stay with our in-class pacing. But there must be a way to prevent working ahead? I have set future lessons to “Hidden.” But clearly that’s not enough.

Would someone please explain how to prevent a student from working ahead on future lessons?

(I understand that they can go through LEVELS at their own pace, but I’m hoping I have more control over LESSONS.)

Hi @anne.b.gregal,

That does sound frustrating. The documentation page for “How can I hide certain units or lessons from my students?” states that if you have chosen hidden on a lesson, “You’ll still be able to access the unit, but your students will not see it.” The page also has some tips when students can see lessons that you have hidden such as:
Check this first : Make sure your students have a student account and are enrolled in your section.
Check this next : Are these students enrolled in another teacher’s section?

The page has tips if either of these are exist. If you student can still see the pages and you know you have correctly hidden them and none of the above exist, you may need to reach out support.

Good luck-