Clicker Games with Upgrades

Good afternoon,

I have several students who are trying to create clicker games with upgrades using App Lab. Does anyone have an example project they could share?

One student has specific questions:

  1. How can I set text that fades after 3 seconds?

  2. How can I make upgrades that add +click(s) / second, or +click / 2 seconds?

  3. Will it work if I do " score1 >= (number) ", the text that says “success” will appear, and then the action +1 click / 2 seconds (which I don’t exactly know how to do) will happen on repeat?

I have included a link to her project.

Any help is much appreciated!

Johnna Costanza

Hi @jcostanza,

I love those upgrades! To get started for all of those upgrades, the students needs a timer. Here is a simple app with a timer (taken from the timed loop documentation) to create a seconds variable using the timed loop block. From there, I bet the student can think about the different things that need to be added now that you have seconds that have elapsed:

Good luck with the upgrades!

Thanks so much!

Johnna Costanza