Creating a Clicker Game with Multipliers and Upgrades

Looking for help with creating a clicker game. I am including upgrades and I am trying to make the amount of money that you get increase every second. I am having trouble figuring out how to set that up.


It looks like it is working at least how I understand it. When I clicked on the upgrade button and increased the bananas per second, it started adding 2 points to the bananaScore every second that passed.

Now, that score didn’t show up automatically because you have it set to only show the score when you click on the banana, but when I then clicked on the banana, the increased score did show up.

So, right now, you have it set so they get a point every time they click on the banana, but if they upgrade, they start getting 2 points per second. Then, when they go back to the banana screen and click on it, they continue to get 1 point per click as well as the 2 points per second.

If this isn’t what you intended, you may want to define exactly how you want the scoring to take place and how (often) you want to display the updated score.


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I love that I’m part of a forum where we can say things like, “I increased the bananas per second…” :grin: