CSP Curriculmn20-21 Change Question

This is my 2nd year teaching CSP in I’ve very much enjoyed the layout of curriculum and topics to cover.
This year a completely new curriculum was introduced which was great but I have one question and comment.
Last year, in the units, there was a Extended Learning option which I used when I needed in class to increase the depth of knowledge in students such as excerpts from a book called “BLOWN TO BITS” which were instrumental in assigning reading assignments for students.
What is the reason that removed this added Extended learning and the reading of this book?
Thank you.

Hi @liz.griffith!

Glad the curriculum has worked well for you and your students! As far as the book, “Blown to Bits” we originally included that in our curriculum when there was a requirement for a textbook in the curriculum. That requirement no longer exists.

In regards to the “Extended Learning” options, we removed them to address pacing concerns and decided to lean towards a streamlined curriculum to help better scope out the course pacing. We’ve been thinking carefully on how we can add back in some extensions and differentiation in a way which doesn’t distract from the base curriculum and the need to keep on pace.

That being said, you are the expert in your classroom and should use whatever resources you think will support your students the best. The previous year’s lesson plans are still accessible if you’d like to see which chapters were assigned for which topics.