Vocabulary and references to Blown to Bits

First, I really like the reorganization of the curriculum! Second, I am really struggling to find the vocabulary and I no longer see the references to the Blown to Bits book. I felt both were invaluable. I have to keep going back to my old curriculum to find this information and add it.
Is there a plan to add this information to the new curriculum? Thanks

References to Blown to Bits still in AP CSP Exam Description (2020)
Topic 2.1 - chapter 1
Topic 4.1 - appendix (maybe vocabulary)
Topic 5.5 - chapter 7
Topic 5.6 - chapter 2 and 5

Don’t see them on the lesson plans here though. In any case, I still plan to have my students read through chapters 2, 6, 7, 8.
The videos included in the unit 2 seem to address these topics well. That is probably why the references were removed. (Speculation)