Collision Detection In App Lab


Do any of you know how to program collision detection in the App Lab. I have a student making a maze and he needs to detect if they run into a wall. Thank you.


Hi Erin,
I’ll pass this on for you. Look for an answer soon.


It depends. How is the maze created? What is the character. If you can get the share link for the project and paste here, I can take a look.

CSP Team


It seems like this is a pretty in-demand issue, I have several students that have some up with this independently. Can you provide a general answer so that I can guide my students on the best way to accomplish a maze?


I have been working on a one-button game with my Video Game Design class, and used a for loop to detect collision. I named all objects the same, with different numbers at the end. I imagine you could do the same with walls to determine if your player runs into a wall.

My function is called “arrowCollider”. I hope that the for loop is useful to you!


I’ve put together a tutorial for making a simple arcade game in App Lab. It includes a part about creating simple collision detection function.

Make an Arcade Game in App Lab


Great job. Thanks for posting!