Computer Curriculum Scope



Hi everyone,

I am a new computer teacher. Our high school has offered Computer 1 and it has focused on Microsoft Office and spent a little time on coding. I am taking over teaching this course and I have planned to continue to teach about Office/Good Drive.

We will also be adding Computer 2. Should I use the CSD curriculum? I don’t think they are ready for CSP. I was originally thinking I would have them learn Python with Pythonroom, but this course seems to introduce more basic topics.

But then I think maybe Computer 1 should be CSD and Computer 2 can be Pythonroom?

To simplify:

Option A: Computer 1 is Office/Googe Drive and Computer 2 CSD
Option B: Computer 1 is CSD and Computer 2 is Pythonroom…they are already competent enough in Office & Google Drive
Option C: Other

Thanks for the input!


I see it as a difference between computer applications and computer science. I don’t know your students or the demands of your administration but I would go with option B. That is, assuming you have enough time during Computer 1 is a full year course and long enough to cover CSD. There are plenty of places you could integrate Office and/or Google Drive into the CSD curriculum, especially when they are journaling. The course content would be the computer science, but you could also tick any boxes you need related to computer applications throughout the class.