Intro Class & Next Steps

Hello everyone!

I am a new Comp Science teacher and a first year teacher. I got the job right before school started. Currently I am using last years curriculum from the previous teacher. She started the kids off on CodeHS with Tracy Phython. That has gone pretty well. That section was 6 weeks. The next thing she had them do is either another CodeHS plan that included history of computers and computer structure. I don’t want to use that since it is no longer free. The other option is unit 1 and 2 from the AP CSP course and just taking out the reference to the AP items. I don’t really want to do that since I might have some students take AP CSP in the future.

So what would be a good next course to do for 6 weeks. I plan on finishing the year with AI & Machine learning. I have been poking around the CS Discoveries and CS fundamentals. Which section would you recommend from that?