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I am a new Comp Science teacher and a first year teacher. I got the job right before school started. Currently I am using last years curriculum from the previous teacher. She started the kids off on CodeHS with Tracy Phython. That has gone pretty well. That section was 6 weeks. The next thing she had them do is either another CodeHS plan that included history of computers and computer structure. I don’t want to use that since it is no longer free. The other option is unit 1 and 2 from the AP CSP course and just taking out the reference to the AP items. I don’t really want to do that since I might have some students take AP CSP in the future.

So what would be a good next course to do for 6 weeks. I plan on finishing the year with AI & Machine learning. I have been poking around the CS Discoveries and CS fundamentals. Which section would you recommend from that?


I am assuming from your post you teach high school. I would recommend starting here - Learn Computer Science . It will show you all the courses available. You can see the grades that each course is designed for. It’s flexible and depends on your students, of course.

If you do decide to start with CSDiscoveries, we always recommend starting with Unit 1 which lays the groundwork for problem solving. However, if the students have already completed other units elsewhere, it might not be the best place to start for you.

Hope this helps.

Hey @jlester ,

Just to add - you might also consider our new self-paced CS Discoveries Professional Learning course. It gives an overview of CS Discoveries and can give some insight on which units to pick from the course. It’s designed to be completed online, at your own pace. Here’s the direct link.

Sorry it took a while to respond - hopefully this is still helpful as you’re making your decision!

Dan - Curriculum Writer

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