New to Teaching

Hello, my name is Frank Bell, I am a substitute teacher teaching computer science. Can anyone share with me how to introduce the subject to my students? Where do we get the curriculum to start the assignments from this app?

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@fbell, welcome to Computer Science and to the Curriculum.

What grade levels are you teaching? If you are teaching 6th-10th grade, the Computer Science Discovery (CSD) curriculum is probably what you are after. I would recommend starting with the curriculum overview at the link below: CS Discoveries 2020-2021. One of the first links on the page is a link to a Getting Started Guide that should help you to get started.

If you have other questions after looking this over, please feel free to come back here and look through the forum and/or post your questions and there are a lot of teachers who would be willing to help you get started and answer your questions!

Best wishes!


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Good You will learn a bunch from I all done with code.