Computer Science in Science PD: Computational Thinking And The Framework For K-12 Science Education - Discussion

As a middle school teacher I like to inspire curiosity in my students. Computer science will help to increase and promote curiosity in my students

Merriam-Webster defines science as knowledge about or study of the natural world based on facts learned through experiments and observation. It is my job as a teacher to encourage my students to observe and question the natural events in world around them. CS in science will allow my students to create and use computer models to create experiments and make crucial observations.

I hope to inspire a love for learning, a love for science, and have them view the world through the eyes of a scientists. I believe that the integration of technology (computers) in the classroom will enable them to do all three.

As a science teacher, I see myself as one who encourages students to ask questions and one who inspires students to go look for those answers.

As a science teacher I want my students to become curious about science and be lifelong learners. Computer science is a wonderful tool for students to use to gain curiosity about science and to become life long learners. With computer science students can fill their appetite on science and change many variables in a simulation. If a student is wondering “what if” in a system now, that can easily be discovered using computer science by simply manipulating variables. Coding leads itself to one becoming a lifelong learner, because with each line of coding you experience a learning opportunity.

As a middle school science teacher, I want my students to be excited about science and to understand that the skills learned in science can help them in their daily lives even if they don’t choose a career in science. I want them to realize that science isn’t just about learning facts. Science gives us the tools to solve problems and find the answers to our own questions. Computer science can help students learn those skills and get them excited about science.

I agree that it is very important for students ask their own questions and to search for their own answers. Learning to do this, will help them in whatever career they choose to do some day.

My goal is inspire a love of learning regardless of the students interests. I view school as a place where students learn how to learn.

I agree, as educators we must teach students to analyze information and process many possible outcomes in a system.

As a teacher who is moving into the tech co position at my school, I strive to have the students in the classes that I will be instructing through coding a love for learning this process and succeed with it.

My aspiration as a science teacher is to instill in my students a passion for learning; preferably a passion for learning science. I endeavor that all my students value their education and learn the skills necessary to help them be successful in higher education, again, preferably in science. By incorporating Computer Science into my science curriculum students will realize that science takes on many forms and that no matter what their talent is, there is a way to incorporate it into science in order to help the scientific community progress forward.

I aspire to teach my students how to be problem solvers and how to ask and answer questions. I see CS in science as yet another tool I can use to meet these goals.

Though I do not see myself as a Science teacher, I do use a model which is very close to the one described in the videos. I have six years of experience teaching students engineering through the use of the design process. I find that it has greatly assisted me in transforming my classroom to a student-centered environment. I aspire to be the kind of educator who leads students to a solution without “giving away” the answers. It is more difficult in some ways and more time consuming, but I believe students get a deeper understanding of the concepts this way. I piloted the Algebra curriculum this past year and found that integrating Computer Science into the curriculum can be a smooth transition.

I believe that I am a teacher that teaches her students to be independent and confident problem solvers. I want them to see the world differently, to ask questions and think critically. I believe computer modeling will enable my students to visualize real world problems that we would not be able to simulate in a lab setting. I hope the modeling will increase the students curiosity as they continue to ask questions

As a science teacher, like most others have stated, I hope to inspire my students to enjoy science and apply how we solve problems in science to other aspects of their lives. I feel integrating computer science is engaging and meeting the students need to have technology in their hands and involved in a practical way in their lives. Computer science allows me additional “tools” for teaching a subject that many students feel is too hard or not for them.

My goal as a science teacher is to teach kids how to think. That seems like a weird answer, but I think that’s one of the main purposes of teaching science in school. And it’s also how science came about; people in the past made a lot of observations, ran a lot of tests, and made conclusions. Learning science should replicate that process. That’s why I try to avoid learning science from textbooks. Labs and analysis are really the best way to learn, or rediscover the scientific principles in my class. Computer science is a great way to study the content of science courses, but also a method to teach thinking, problem solving, and analysis. These are 21st-century skills that every student needs.

As a middle school science teacher I try my best to be the “stepping stone” to the high school, where I model, encourage, and promote thinking/acting like a scientist. Integrating computer science in the science classroom will help provide another tool to help students explore real world problems and create models and simulations to help explain graphs/concepts that are normally explored such as predator vs prey relationships.


I agree that science isn’t just about learning facts…it was when I was in middle school. I am finding it challeging sometimes to get students to be creative thinkers.

Middle school students are always using their electronics, tablets, cellphones, computers, etc. Why not incorporate this into the classroom? As a middle school science teacher, my job is to light a fire in my students for science. Using computer simulations and modeling in my classroom will really catch my students’ attention and keeps them engaged. Students will be solving problems and investing in their own learning.

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Ditto, Carrie. I think we need to incorporate computer science because, really, kids don’t understand the basics of how their computers do what they do. How many adults do? I know that I can make my computer do what I need it to do, to use it as a tool to complete my workload, but how it does those things eludes me. I think we all need to have more of an understanding of the “behind the scenes” of our technology. I am also extremely concerned about the younger generation’s dependency on technology. It worries me tremendously that so many kids seem not to be able to do anything unless they have technology in their hands.

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