Computer Science in Science PD: Computational Thinking And The Framework For K-12 Science Education - Discussion

As a physical science teacher I hope to inspire students and develop a love for science. I would love for students to learn to use computers and technology effectively to solve everyday problems.

In the classroom and life I like to see my self as a positive influence in my students lives. I always like to encourage them in the classroom and also teach them life lessons. Always do your best, respect yourself and others. I also try to emphasize a love for science and a love for learning.

I agree. I also believe it will provide students with an excellent visual of some concepts that are too abstract.

My goals as a middle school science teacher is to help my students question the information that the media is bombarding them with on a daily basis. They should be asking what studies have been done, how have they been done, and how do they impact my life?

I would like to give my students the tools for gaining understanding of the world around them

I do not have an identity as a “science” teacher. I teach Chorus.

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I want students to approach every problem thoughtfully and not by simply looking for someone else to tell them the answer. I like what one of the videos said when they mentioned that tests do a great job of assessing students’ abilities to answer someone else’s questions, but thinking like a scientist encourages students to ask their own questions. Integrating CS in Science sets up more room for students to think in ways that produce questions and encourage the thinking necessary to answer them through experimentation and, in this case, simulation.

As a science teacher, I expect to inspire desire to search for answers and to learn to analyze information presented to the community. One of the goals I have is that students utilize the resources that are available to make decisions, discriminate wrong information and provide justified answers to whatever they are presented.

Ortiz, Computer science can be a way that students understand balancing equations if they have problems with that because they can create programs that helps them calculate the reactions.

As a science teacher I’ve always told my students that my goal is for them to at least move more in a positive direction about science. Teaching 6th grade means that students for the most part come in with limited science experience and some of them can’t stand science because all they’ve ever done is a couple times a week reading out the textbook. My goal is to help foster more enjoyment in science. I think that computer science with modeling and simulation can do this because it can allow more chances in the classroom to be “real” scientists. It will give them more time to practice the art of science.

My students are always very engaged when we are working with computers. This will provide another opportunity to maintain student interest.

I want to create a classroom this it fun and engaging place to learn. I want to be a safe place to explore, to ask questions that interest them and to make mistakes. I believe that by integrating computer science in science, students will be better able to think like a scientist to solve real-world problems that are relevant to them. I want them to ask questions, solve problems, and analyze their observations of their world through a scientific lens. I’d really like for my love of science to “rub off” on them a little.

My identity as a science teacher is one who inspires students to “do science”, to think, act and become a member of a learning community that investigates the world around them. I want my students to ask “why?”… and then be motivated to seek out answers to their questions. Integrating computer science through modeling and simulation help me to bring in real world applications to the classroom, address the use of technology as a tool for learning, and allow students a glimpse of several interesting career options.

I like your thinking in this line from your post. Using the modeling ans simulations, you may even get more students interested who never dreamed they would like a career in science:)

I aspire for students to be inspired to investigate and pursue scientific inquiry and possibly careers.

Perfectly said. I agree.

I want my students to see my love of learning new things and to hopefully share my love of the Marine environment. I want them to see that it is OK to make mistakes and that no one is perfect. Middle School is a tough time and I want them to feel they have my support and I’m always there for them. I think that adding code to my curriculum will engage my students and give them new skills.

I inspire my student to engage in problem solving and critical thinking. My students are involved in many projects that require them to do research. Their projects require them to work with a partner or teams.

As a middle grade science teacher one of my goals is to assist students in learning about the world around them. As computer science has developed and evolved it is clear that computers are part of many facets in our everyday lives. For this reason it is imperative that students learn about and understand how to manipulate this information.

I aspire to teach my students to be independent thinkers who can analyze data and come to conclusions and recognize what has been left out of a study or a report so they can evaluate the source and determine if the information is good or not. The sue of code would be interesting to allow them to quickly change the parameters of a study to see how small changes on the part of a scientist can greatly effect outcomes.