Computer Science in Science PD: The Tutorial #3

PART 3: Share Your Project

  1. Click on “Add this project to my gallery” (located in the top right hand side of the information area) and select your “public gallery” as the destination for this project. You will notice that your project is now shared between your public gallery and your private gallery. Once a project is in your public gallery, it can become a shared project where you can add multiple collaborators or share a link so others can view your project.

  2. Click on My Profile to get back to your profile page.

  3. Once there, you can see the project “Orientation – version 1” in your Public Gallery. Click on the project title will open the project.

  4. Let’s review what you just accomplished. You created a new project in your private gallery then you added the project to your public gallery. Your project can now be shared with others. AND you can see other user’s projects in their public galleries as well. Note that there is only one version of the project. It can be reached from both your public and private galleries.

Congratulations, you have shared your StarLogo Nova project through your public gallery!

Copy the project’s URL from the browser location bar (it may look something like this: ) then paste it into the discussion area below.

*We are asking you to store your projects in your public galleries and share the link so we can provide you with assistance as requested.

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