Computer Science in Science PD: The Tutorial #5

PART 5: Find and Pull Out Blocks Onto Page

Now we will be making changes in “Orientation – version 2”. Scroll or swipe down to the Workspace or Blocks area.

  1. Click through the different “drawers” at the left of theWorkspace or blocks area to view the “blocks” contained within each drawer. Notice how the drawers are arranged. What do all of the blocks in the “Movement” drawer have in common? What about the blocks in the “Interface” drawer?

  2. Then click through the “Page” tabs and you will see that there are different pages for blocks. Click on the tabs to move between pages. You can tell which page you are on because it has a white tab.

  3. Find the following blocks in the drawers and drag them out onto the “Turtle” page. What do you think these blocks do?

  4. Find the following blocks and drag them out onto “The World” page (click on the “The World” tab first to switch pages). What do you think these blocks do?

Make notes in the information area on where you found the blocks. Were there any patterns or cues that helped you find the blocks? [In StarLogo Nova, each drawer holds a set of related blocks a programmer may use. For example, the Interface drawer holds all “user interface” blocks.] When you are done, remember to SAVE the project. It will be saved in your public gallery.

Copy the URL of the project “Orientation - version 2” then paste it in the discussion area below.

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