Connected Levels

In unit two, some of the levels have the link icon indicating “This icon means that this level is part of a larger project. Changes will be saved across these levels.”

Is there a list somewhere of which levels are connected? As in the code you type or change here also affects the code in these other lessons / levels?


I could be wrong here, but I think for the most part, the linked levels stay within each lesson and/or maybe into an adjoining lesson. So, if you see one, it will link to other activities in the same lesson, but not span across the entire unit. There are also not multiple different linked activities in a lesson.

I am not aware of an exhaustive list of them, but if someone knows, please jump in.


Thanks, that seems to be right at least so far.

I am having many issues with this, especially when I try to grade a previous assignment. Whenever student make changes in a later lesson (for example, Unit 3 between Lesson 12 and Lesson 15), makes changes to their code. I grade their challenges - they submit the share link to me, but when I pull up the code, it gets changed if they move on.

I understand the frustration. Most of the time, these lessons build on themselves, so if it takes me a few extra days to grade one and they have already completed a later lesson, I can tell they’ve done both the first one and the later one and I am able to give a score on both, so it actually saves me time, but I can see that there may be one where it’s hard to tell if they’ve already made changes.


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