Part of a larger project icon in Unit 2 - Computer Science Discovery

Unit 2 >> lesson 4: Mini-project does not carry over to lesson 7 - Does anyone know a way around this besides having students to copy/paste their work over and over?
I understand the concept of giving students multiple opportunities to reach mastery, but I have seen the projects carry over from lesson 4 to lesson 7 and other lessons few years ago. I believe this functionality was available on the 2019 - 2020 curriculum. I am not sure why it was discontinued. Also, there is still the link icon on the lessons telling us that it is part of a larger project. It would be great if this functionality is made available.

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When the mini lessons were added, they got rid of the larger, multipage site activity that we saw in the past. You can always have students copy/paste their code across levels if you wanted to carry it over as it used to, but as you stated, that can be problematic for sure. The only other workaround I’ve used with my students was to have students link to the previously made mini project as a separate page. This also required that I had students complete lesson 19 early so they understood how to do links.
If this is something you’d like to either see come back in the next edition or at least made an option in the future, then I would suggest using the “report a problem” feature, then use the “I’d like to request a feature” in the subject line. This will get your thoughts directly to the engineers in charge of the changes. Best of luck!

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Thank you so much! I will do that.

Glad that I finally found this post. I have used this unit for several years as an Intro to HTML, not having the project carry over is a hassle. If I go back to the older version will I still get the carry over of the project.

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Yes, if you use an older version, it should still be linked, but you won’t have any of the updates from the later versions of the course.

Good luck!