Unit 2 Lesson 4 Mini Project (20-21)

Does the work that student complete in this mini project move to other mini project? I try to figure it out but was unable. Thank you.

It appears this question wasn’t answered?

Lesson 4, step 4 carries over to step 5. I expected it would then carry over to Lesson 7 and then Lesson 10 so students could build on what they started, but it did not.

Is the intent that students will design 3 different small web pages as practice before reaching the final unit Project in Lesson 12? Is it suggested that they do all 3 mini-lessons, OR should/could a teacher choose 1 mini-project (Lesson 4, 7 or 10) wherever it best fits students’ readiness for practice? Could the 3 mini-projects be on the same topic and eventually become pages in the unit Project?