Cookie clicker inspired game

I am making a cookie clicker inspired game.
I am unsure why my code isn’t working.

Would anyone be able to tell me where I am going wrong?
Thanks in advanced!

The project won’t load for me. Not sure if it will for anyone else.


Does this work?

No, it appears to be the same link, but it won’t load for me for some reason.


Hmm … could be. Not 100% sure, but if you have copyrighted images in there, you may try removing them and using something else. Not sure what images you have, but has a wide variety of images that are good to use.


I am unsure!
That you for your help, I will contact and figure out why.

I appreciate your quick responses!
I am new to this and this seems like a great community.

I was also unable to open up the project. Try recreating the share link and provide the following information about the project. Also, is this a student project for the Create PT. If so, we cannot help with the project. Students can help each other but the teacher cannot provide any kind of feedback.

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The link given has that embedded look and feel to it. Don’t use the advanced options. If this was given to you by a student you could remix it and then share the remixed project.