Counter Problem: Lesson 9, Bubble 3

A student ran the program in 9.3 and saw the counter increase in the lower-left of the screen while the numbers increased in physical size:

When I checked the Exemplar, I saw the number in the center of the screen remaining the same size as it grew numerically.

I expected the number to grow, but not physically. I tried various additions/subtractions to the code, but nothing worked.

WHY IS THE NUMBER GROWING PHYSICALLY in the student’s screen, but not in the exemplar’s screen?

Thanks very much!

Gary Ellis

Hi Gary,
We’d love to help. It would be easiest for us to do so if you’d provide the following information:

  1. Link to your project: click the “Share” button at the top of the page and paste the link it produces into your post.

  2. Are there any particular steps that cause the error?

  3. What did it do instead?

It’s hard to debug without seeing the student’s code and error message. If you can’t share their code, a screenshot at the very least would go a long way toward helping.


I hope this helps:

Thank you!
Gary Ellis

Thank you!

These links are to a different activity (lady bug game), not the counter assignment …

I think that’s not the one you were asking about to begin with.

Let us know!