Unit 3 Lesson 14 help for students

I need help with two codes for students:

This student is having trouble where these gray boxes are showing up where the sprites are supposed to show up later.

This student cannot get the number for the counter pattern to appear.

Please help. I cannot figure it out.

Welcome to the forum, @kristingarner,

A few things for your students to look at. In the first one, the mistake lies in when the .setAnimation blocks are used. When you create a sprite, but don’t set an animation for it, it still shows up, but it shows up as a rectangle.

Normally, they would want to create the sprite and then set the animation and set the scale at the top of the program. In this case, it looks like they don’t want those sprites to show yet, so rather than setting the animation inside the conditional blocks, they should set it at the beginning and then use the sprite.visible block to set the visibility to 0. Burger.visible = 0; Then, when they want it to show, use Burger.visible = 1; I hope this helps, but if not, please respond back and we can help further.

In the 2nd one, the student is drawing the sprites over the top of the counter. If they drag the text blocks below the drawSprites block, it will show up, however, probably not how they want it. It will display the word “number” because the text block has “number” (in quotation marks). If they take number out of quotation marks, the actual counter number will show up.

Let us know how it goes!