Lesson 17 help with visibility

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If clicks == 1 then present.visible=false and presentunwrapping.visible=true
The present is not hiding when clicks==1 but presentunwrapping is showing up

We tried having present be the only sprite and if clicks==1 then it changes its set.Animation but it still isn’t showing correctly

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Hi @lorikaye !

I just took a look at the program, but I’m not able to remix it in order to interact with the code as I’m getting an error message with one of your student’s sprites (see screenshot below). Could you have him/her take a look at that sprite and perhaps recreate it so the program can be remixed? The other thing I noticed is that on line 23, the variable clicks is being set to 2 which won’t be necessary as the program will keep track of that variable’s value throughout the duration of the program. Being that you have a counter setup, you can leave that out and it will automatically count those clicks! I’ll check back a little later to see how things look.


P.S. I noticed you’ve changed some things since I posted my last message, but it is also worth noting that the entire drawing of the background needs to go inside your draw loop so that each time the loop runs, it essentially will clear out the previous drawing, thus your unwrapped present will be covered by the background when the loop runs again. See below for an explanation from Lesson 11, Level 1. I hope that helps!