When you click the mouse button nothing happens

This is a students interactive card project, we cannot get it to work. When you click the present it is supposed to disappear and then would another sprite appears. We have tried changing the order of the commands. We have tried using other types of input. We have tried checking the spelling, redoing the commands… but for the life of me I can’t see where the problem is. I even changed the name of the sprites and uploaded new sprites…

Of my nearly 100 students, this is the only project that is not working at all… I tried comparing it with others to see what he could have done differently, but it really looks the same. My brain is fried… I am sure I am missing something small and simple… hahah

[Game Lab - Code.org]

Please any help would be appreciated.


Welcome to the forum!

I understand the frustration. Sometimes a fresh set of eyes is needed even for the easiest of problems!

In this case the background block needs to be moved inside the draw loop so when you click on the present, the present disappears and a new instance of the background covers the space.

That should be all it needs!

Good luck!