Create Practice - Final Coding Project - Vending Machine



I wanted to share with you a final project idea that I just had my students complete as a precursor to completing the Create PT.

  • Guidelines & Grading I remixed’s final project design template and used the Create PT scoring guidelines as a rubric with a couple of additions to make it out of 100 points (10 x 10 rows > 1 point per row).
  • Project Examples I’m sharing the students’ projects (at the end) and my own little version (that I shared with the class after the project was complete (Special thanks to Kaitie O’Bryan for her help). See at the bottom for students’ projects.
  • Presenting Today, students presented their projects to the class (2-3 students per group) and demonstrated how the app/vending machine works & highlighting various coding parts.

  • Benefits The beauty of this project is seeing how each group came up with a different way to solve the problem of creating a vending machine. Lastly, it was a great way to combine all the knowledge and coding skills into one summative coding opportunity. Each group had to collectively complete the Create PT requirements/parts (the students had to decide how to complete it and who was responsible for which part).

  • Timeline - I was really proud of them rising to the occasion and how they all worked to plan the project out. I gave them a week and the weekend to complete the project. They completed it given the time.

My hope is that you could use this after the exam this year or even before the exam next year (if time permits).

Enjoy :slightly_smiling_face:,



I really liked the app where the soda cans come down the vending machine. :slight_smile:
The money changing to $20 bills was neat.
Thank you for sharing.