Create PT Extensions for Site Outages "Bad Gateway"


We just sent out an email with updated information about the extension process. You can find that text below.

We are continuing to work with the College Board to accommodate the teachers whose students need extensions to submit their Create Performance Tasks due to website errors on the site the morning of April 30. Use the steps below to know how to proceed.

If your students can access the Digital Portfolio site today…
This means you requested an extension yesterday and it was granted. Please ensure your students get their work uploaded by 11:59pm ET / 8:59 PT today. If you requested a 48-hour extension due to a block schedule, the Digital Portfolio site should remain open through 11:59pm ET / 8:59pm PT tomorrow, 5/2.

If you emailed us yesterday, but your students can not access the Digital Portfolio site today…
This means that your extension has not been processed yet. Instead of being processed yesterday (4/30) for submission today (5/1), your request will be processed today so your students can submit their work tomorrow (5/2). If your students cannot access the Digital Portfolio site tomorrow, please reach out to us by writing to and contact the College Board directly so we can work with them to investigate.

If you have not yet emailed us to request an extension…
It’s not too late. If your students had trouble accessing due to website errors, please contact us right away at We will be sending the final list of teachers who need extensions to the College Board tonight (5/1) at 11:59pm PT. After that, we are no longer authorized to request extensions and you’ll need to contact the College Board directly.

Please include the following information:

  • Your name (the teacher, not the student)
  • Your school’s name
  • Your school’s AI code (if you know it; you can also look up your AI code here)
  • Your school’s city and state (if you don’t have the AI code)

If for some reason a 24-hour extension will not cover your classroom’s needs (e.g. block schedule), please include that information in your email and we will work with the College Board to try to accommodate them.

Other issues
The College Board has generously offered to help us process any extensions due to’s website errors. They want to make sure that students aren’t penalized if they could not access their code on our website to submit as part of the Create PT. If your students need extensions for any other reasons, you’ll need to [contact the College Board directly](( We are not authorized to request extensions for any other reasons (school closures, AP Digital Portfolio issues, confusion on the deadline, etc).

We are very sorry that this is impacting your classroom at such a critical time of the year. We are working to resolve the issue and make sure your students get credit for their hard work this year.


I still had a few intermittent Bad Gateway messages today while students were in the web lab, but nothing compared to Monday’s problems.


@mullin_jennifer we saw a few very short-lived errors on our end this morning as well but, as you noted, nothing was on the scale of Monday. We hope those problems have resolved themselves by now.


Has anyone else received an email from the College Board granting an extension until tomorrow, May 4, 8:59 p.m. Pacific Time?


Yesterday we received word that the College Board has temporarily re-opened the Digital Portfolio for all students. We sent out the email below.


We are writing to inform you that the College Board has just announced that all students will have access to the Digital Portfolio starting now until tomorrow, Friday May 4th, at 11:59pm ET, 8:59pm PT. If any of your students have not yet submitted their Performance Tasks for any reason they should take advantage of this opportunity immediately. Please see this message from the College Board’s CS Principles AP Digital Community (a screenshot of which is below) for more details. We understand many of you will also have separately received an email with this information.

The College Board has advised that if you or your students experience any further issues with the AP Digital Portfolio, please immediately contact them directly at apcsp@collegeboard.