Computer Science Discoveries Crashing


Anyone else having issues with CSD? It went down 11/30/18 from 10:10-10:20am EST and again today from 9:50-9:55am EST. It is running very slowly now. Anyone know anything?


My teacher page will not load at all and the student pages are very laggy. I’m in Texas.


Yes. Mine are still too laggy for students to use. I reported it as a bug, but have not heard back. I’m in Michigan, so not sure if it is just my area.


Just heard back from tech support:

“Thanks for writing in - sorry to hear you’re having troubles with the site! Due to extremely high site traffic for the Hour of Code, we unfortunately had to turn off progress saving temporarily, which will affect only Hour of Code courses or CS Fundamentals courses. You can read more about this at We are working on resolving slow site load times as well, which would include classroom sections not populating properly - larger sections in particular may take longer to load. We anticipate to be back to normal performance across the board by 12pm PST today. We encourage you to check out our Twitter feed ( where we’ll be posting updates on this issue. We appreciate the feedback!”


I am in China, sometimes the students can login the website, sometimes can’t.