Hour of Code affecting Discoveries?

I remember in the past getting a notice that Code.org would be shutting down Course 1 - 4 during the CS Ed Week to accommodate the numbers of people doing the Hour of Code. AP CSP seems to be okay but is anyone else having issues with Discovery being really slow? @gtwrobel

It is slow at my school. We are doing CSD and when you first try and open it after logging in, it takes awhile. Then if I change between Lessons in Unit 3, that also takes awhile to open. My screen stays white for a few minutes. I thought it was my school network but I forgot there is a large amount of traffic in code.org this week.

No issues here. We are in Unit 2 with Web Lab.

@carmichaelc @resa.hersel

Hi Carol and Resa,

I’m sorry that you’re having problems with the site. We don’t know of any particular issues right now, but we’re looking into it. Is it just the Game Lab (Unit 3 levels) that you are having problems with, or are there other parts of the site as well?

Please also feel free to report problems like this as “bugs” using the “Report a Bug” feature. We have extra resources for the website and on our help system right now to deal with any problems that might arise, and we’re eager to make sure everyone has a good experience on the site. If that’s not the case for you, then we’d like to fix it.


Right now my classes are only using Unit 3 Lessons and yes it still happened today on my teacher computer as well as on the student computers. One student’s screen froze in Unit 3 Lesson 12, Level 7. She was trying to change the name of a sprite VAR block to the word bug and once she clicked into it to change it the screen froze. A refresh and signout/sign back in didn’t help it so she had to skip that Level and move on to Level 8, which did work ok.

My main problem is if a student asks about a different level puzzle than I am currently in, once I click on that level my screen goes to white and I get the wait or kill message because it is taking so long. I choose to wait but it can sometimes take awhile for the screen to come up.

One of my classes is in CSD Unit 3 and we only had trouble on Monday/Tuesday. Three of my classes are in CSF Express and they have not had any trouble. When we had problems on Tuesday, I reported a bug and Josh was very quick to respond. Thanks to the team at Code.org to keep things running smoothly this week!

It seems to be mainly the diamond levels in each lesson and also when clicking on a block’s help link. Is it something about our filters?

That’s possible, both the documentation and the the map levels are hosted on docs.code.org - what happens if you try to open up https://docs.code.org/gamelab/ directly?

Either way, I’d like you to send in a ticket to support@code.org with details about which levels are problematic and what behavior you’re seeing. That way our engineers can take a look and help you figure out if this is a filtering issue or something else.

@josh I am just finally getting to try your suggestion. Works great for me on my computer (less filters) but goes to a different screen for students. https://studio.code.org/courses?view=teacher

If it works for you but not students, the it probably is a filtering issue. Ask your district to test or whitelist the domains docs.code.org and curriculum.code.org

What do you mean by whitelist? Also, how do I ask them to test docs.code.org or curriculum.code.org The docs.code.org comes up like this

and curriculum.code.org comes up like this so they both work. It’s the documentation in the diamonds on the levels and also the help screens that aren’t coming up. @josh

The map levels and help screens load content in from these sites - try and have a student load this page for example https://docs.code.org/csd/draw_loop/

When I say whitelist, I mean that your district filtering software may need to explicitly allow access to these sites (adding them to a “whitelist”). It seems odd that these wouldn’t already be allowed, but the fact that you aren’t seeing the same issues using your teacher priviledges suggests that filtering may be the culprit.