Code Studio Slow response


Did anyone experience a site slowdown today? My student’s could not get into internet sim today to complete lesson 11. They also could not submit any responses on the site.


hi, terence!

unfortunately there were issues with load times on the site for a couple of hours yesterday, but everything is up and running as usual now. so sorry for the inconvenience!


My students (and I) are having trouble with today - very slow. Is there an issue today?


Hi Sue! Thank you for letting us know you were seeing issues today. We weren’t aware of any site issues prior to your report this morning, but maybe there’s something our monitoring missed. Is there a particular course your class was doing when you noticed issues?

Brad Engineering


Thanks for the reply! I found out later in the day that the school internet was having issues. I didn’t notice a slowdown on other sites, but I believe that was the underlying issue. Sorry for not sending an update…

Have a good week!