Code Studio Slow response

Did anyone experience a site slowdown today? My student’s could not get into internet sim today to complete lesson 11. They also could not submit any responses on the site.

hi, terence!

unfortunately there were issues with load times on the site for a couple of hours yesterday, but everything is up and running as usual now. so sorry for the inconvenience!

My students (and I) are having trouble with today - very slow. Is there an issue today?

Thanks for the reply! I found out later in the day that the school internet was having issues. I didn’t notice a slowdown on other sites, but I believe that was the underlying issue. Sorry for not sending an update…

Have a good week!


Hi there,
I have been experiencing some issues with my students who are completing course F in Many of them experience the page freezing, or it not loading at all. Is there something that can be done to fix this? I have had them try other websites and they seem to work with no problem.


Hi @kpelletier - please send in a ticket to and the team there will be happy to help you out.

~ Hannah

hi, is working very slow and also sprite lab etc is taking time to load (doesn’t open keeps reloading). Whereas all other sites are working properly. it is not an internet issue at my end. what can be done to solve this issue?