Slow connection times


I created a new section and came back to it today with my class. Only a small percentage of them can log in. The rest of them just sit there in an endless loop. Any thoughts?


If this is still an issue, I would suggest reaching out to as they can more directly help you with these kinds of issues and see if there are any server issues, etc.

good luck!


Hi @aprou8,

I’m sorry to hear that! I’d recommend filing a bug report here or emailing the address Mike listed above. Some information that I would include because it might be useful:

  • Are your computers in line with these tech requirements? There’s a list of sites for your IT folks to unblock to ensure students have the best experience.
  • Is this occurring on a wired or wireless connection?
  • Can the computer connect to other Internet sites? Is this issue specific to
  • Can you access other resources, such as Hour of Code, from the same computer when not logged into the student account?

Having any of that information before reaching out to Support will be extremely helpful. Please let us know when it gets fixed & what the issue ended up being so that future forum readers can learn from this!

Thank you,
Michael K.