Slow response of Sprite lab Codes

Codes of Sprite lab isn’t loading in the estimated time and there is a constant slowdown of server for sprite lab, Did anyone else face the same issue?? We are trying to reach the support team since last week but no response to them yet. I need a quick fix to this. please, urging you guys to look into it as soon as possible. My kids can’t even drag and drop blocks into sprite lab and feasible use of it is a constraint.

Hello, thanks for reporting this! Our team is aware of ongoing slowdown issues of this nature with SpriteLab specifically, and we’re working towards a fix. Can you please try emailing again, and/or use the “Contact Us” form at Submit a request –, to confirm you are able to reach our support channel? Feel free to mention this message so we can confirm that you’re able to reach us. We greatly appreciate the feedback!