Help on making applab project run faster

Hello, recently I have been informed of a challenge for my area. In which I wanted to present my project. However, I tried to test run this and noticed that the game loads way too slow and when I’m trying to switch back and forth from viewing the code to presenting the game I have trouble. Is there anyway I can speed my game up on

I tried exporting it for web and that didn’t work (had errors, images weren’t loading), I also tried to export it as an embed and that was also very slow.


I’m sure you are aware, but App Lab is primarily a tool for teaching beginning computer science students how to code. When you start creating larger programs and projects, the speed can sometimes lag. There are some advanced users who may see this post and give you general suggestions, but there are some limitations to App Lab as the principal reason for its existence is to get students started.

I’m not aware of any silver bullets that can be used to speed it up. If you post a link to your code, perhaps some of the advanced users who frequently visit the page will be able to look at the code and perhaps give you suggestions for streamlining the code.

Good luck!