GameLab very slow to load animations tab and code tab

Students are working on lesson 17 and one kiddo in particular is having considerable trouble with the animation tab/code tab loading the screens. He’s tried two different iPads and they are equally slow. He’s been told that he has “too many animations” but there are only four. The other 31 students in the classroom using iPads for the same lesson are not having this trouble, many of whom have more animations. The delay is great enough that it’s nearly impossible to edit because you can’t see what edits have already been “made”. Is there a tip for making this load more quickly? Perhaps his account is storing excess information somewhere that we need to delete? If so, how do we see this?

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@ecantoniak ,

I may suggest having him sign in on a different iPad and see if that one is also slow or maybe there’s something going on with that iPad.

If it’s slow on any device, you may want to reach out to and they can look at his account.

Generally, though, GameLab may not work terribly well on iPads as it’s optimized for a computer, but if you are able to get it to work with the projects you are doing, all the power to you!