Create PT Extensions for Site Outages "Bad Gateway"


Hello everyone,

Starting at roughly 9:00am EST through 12:30 EST our website experienced intermittent outages. We’ve already heard from a number of teachers that this led to issues in accessing or submitting Create Performance Tasks. At this point we believe your students should be able to access their projects. We are very sorry if this impacted your class. If your students were unable to submit their PT this morning, please let us know. (Email or reply to this post). We have already reaching out to the College Board and are working on a solution so that affected students can submit their projects tomorrow.

More details on the issue if you are interested…

We did a routine database upgrade this weekend that caused some queries to take much longer than they did before once traffic spiked this morning. Our engineers have been working on it all morning. As a temporary fix, they have disabled the teacher dashboard views for teachers with very large sections. This has brought the site back up for all students. They are still investigating what happened and we’ll let you know as we figure it out. Again we’re very sorry for the disruptions in your classroom.




My students were unable to access their Create PT projects in class this morning.

Thank you,
Matt Caulfield
Ramapo High School, New Jersey


We have worked with the College Board and have a plan to give affected classrooms a 24-hour extension. See the text below on instructions for how to apply. We will be emailing this same text to all CSP Teachers.

From roughly 9:00am EST through 12:30 EST, our website experienced intermittent outages for some users. We heard from a number of teachers that this outage prevented their students from accessing or submitting Create Performance Tasks that are on our website. At this point, we believe your students should be able to access their projects. If they can submit this afternoon, they should do that. If they can’t, please use the steps below to ensure your students are given an extension on their projects.

Requesting an Extension
The College Board is working with us to provide a 24-hour extension to students impacted by this issue. For your students to get the extension, please email with the following information:

  • Your name
  • Your school’s name
  • Your school’s AI code (if you know it; you can also look up your AI code here)
  • Your school’s city and state (if you don’t have the AI code)

We will be sending the College Board a list of impacted classrooms at 4pm EST this afternoon. We will send a second list tomorrow since we expect additional emails through tonight and tomorrow morning. If for some reason a 24-hour extension will not cover your classroom’s needs (e.g. block schedule) include that information in your email and we will work with the College Board to try to accommodate them.

We will continue to update our forum post here and Twitter (@codeorg) with the latest information on the website issues. While the site is now functioning normally for students, some teacher views for teachers with large sections are currently disabled.

We are very sorry if this impacted your class and we are working to resolve the issue and make sure your students get credit for their hard work this year.


Hey @mcaulfield see my update to this post. We have worked with the College Board to grant an extension to classrooms affected by this issue.


So is there an extension being granted? I would like to let my students know that if that is the case.


I sent in the information to the email and was expecting some sort of confirmation that an extension has been granted. I have not heard back from them, so I figured that there was no confirmation of the extension being granted.


Hi @gtwrobel,

Can you help @james.reeder with this question?


@james.reeder we have a bit of a backlog but have been sending confirmations to everyone once they’re added to our list here at We’ll continue to process requests tomorrow morning and are sharing them with the College Board on an ongoing basis. There will be no confirmation from the College Board so you’ll just need to know you’re on our list to be sure you’ve received the extension.

Hope that helps but please follow up tomorrow if not and we’ll be happy to help.


Regarding the request for extension – If the extension is granted to our students, will the AP Central Digital Portfolio site be available to them to upload their P.T. today? I had emailed an extension request and my students are still unable to upload.


I’m having the same problem; my students are trying to submit and are not able to this morning.


Okay, thanks for reporting. If you requested extension through us, you should be okay. We’re reaching out to the college board to see if there is anything different/special you need to do access the PT upload site. I don’t think you should have to. My guess is that college board didn’t flip a switch yet. Stay tuned. And sorry for all this trouble.



Should we look here for a resolution or will we be emailed?


Once we find out we’ll do a blast communication everywhere we can. Certainly here + email.


Hello CS Teachers,

My student’s time was cut off last night between the hours of 9 pm - 11:59 pm. We are also experiencing the same issues with submissions this morning!


@penny.joines @karen_purcell @bsams Okay, it appears your extension request didn’t make into the batch of people we sent to the college board yesterday. It will go today (assuming you sent email to

We’ll send a broadcast communication with details and times for things. We’re working with the college board on this right now as I write this. Stay tuned.



After the “Bad Gateway” issue on Monday with students being unable to log in, the frustration mounted. Add to that the issue that Digital Portfolio shut down at 11:00 p.m. so those that were finally able to get in after school/sports/work, couldn’t post their final submissions.


Mine are also still unable to submit. Class is over, and hoping to be able to get their hard work posted!


Hello! My students are also having problems with uploading since yesterday. I sent an email for the extension, but no confirmation. We are trying again today, but no luck yet. What are we suppose to wait for? Will it automatically open or will we be receiving a notification on what and when to do something?

Thank you,
Noraysha Leon
Caribbean School


Hi all. We’re still processing all the extension requests for the college board - we sent a batch of requests yesterday that were processed by college board. The college board hasn’t processed the remainder yet.

Once extension is granted you and students should be able to access the portal.

Since this process from the College Board is transparent to you (unfortunately) we’re working with them now to make deadlines and extensions very clear for you. Email communication coming soon.

The good news is - if you asked for an extension you will most likely be granted one. The tough part is that this is a by-hand extension process from the College Board’s side, so requests aren’t immediate.