Digital Portfolio Submission Deadline Extended!


hey, everyone! quick heads up that we just got a note from the College Board that because of site outages over the weekend, they’re extending the digital portfolio deadline through tomorrow, May 2. If your students haven’t gotten their PTs in, now’s the time!




I have a student that was done with his portfolio but couldn’t upload it. He then tried to re-register for the class and then needed me to re-confirm him. I did not see the re-confirm and he was unable to turn in his portfolio on time.

Sounds like my student was late getting things in but maybe he was stunted by the downed system. Is there a way to get his portfolio to College Board or is he out of luck?


unfortunately i think he is probably not going to be able to upload. i would recommend getting in touch with the college board directly. contact info below:

Phone: 888-225-5427
International callers: 212-632-1780
Fax: 610-290-8979

K-12 Educators
Phone: 877-274-6474
International callers: 212-632-1781
Fax: 610-290-8979
Contact form:


This is excellent contact information. Thank you for sharing this.