AP CSP Tasks Due

Hello. Students can submit their AP CSP tasks on April 30, correct? Just not after? I didn’t want to leave this until the end, but some students have a few things to finish up on and the weekend would be helpful.


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The Digital Portfolio closes at 11:59 PM on Monday, April 30.

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Just adding to @anmrobnott’s answer: A recent post in the College Board Community Forum added that it was 11:59 EST on Monday, April 30 - in case time zone makes a difference for you.

I called the College Board today and they clarified that it’s the end of the business day on Monday, April 30th.

This screwed up at least 10 of my kids! Nowhere on the student or teacher facing website does it give a time deadline for submission. Just ‘April 30’. So assuming like any reasonable person would that this means before midnight, my students in California tried to submit after 9pm but were locked out. When I called the CB this morning, they clarified it was 11:59 EST, and the only place they could find it cited was on the AP Coordinator’s handbook (which I don’t read). I look at the Art page, since they have been using the DP for years, and there is a clear time deadline stated. Needless to say, the kids are quite angry, and I feel it should have been made explicit to both teachers and students on the CB website. My school’s AP coordinator is also the vice principal and this is just one of her many duties. She assumed that because all the kids were able to submit on time last year that I knew the deadline, except that last year the CB’s site crashed due to the volume of kids trying to submit so they extended the deadline. Anyone else experience this problem?

I have one student who got home around 10 pm after practice and was unable to submit. I am also in California.

My vice principal just talked to two supervisors at the CB (over the course of an hour). Apparently the site is down and they are supposed to re-open so that kids can submit tomorrow. No other details yet.

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