I have students who did not submit all their PTs


Two of my students did NOT submit all their PTs.

One didn’t press the final submit on his Artifact for the Explore task (so only the draft is up there).

The other student didn’t submit either piece of his Explore task.

A third at least submitted, but most of his written responses were blank for his Create PT.

Yikes! I emailed parents, I called parents, I made timely submission a classroom grade, still they didn’t submit. What can I do next year to avoid this? Losing my mind…

Also, they will still be graded on the rest of the items, won’t they? Or is it an “all or nothing” as far as college board is concerned?


Hi @jo.davidsmeyer,

I share your pain. This is a constant and difficult battle for many of us.

I think you’ve already done a very admiral job trying avenues such as parent contact and making it part of the class grade. Unfortunately I have no suggestions beyond that.

The same topic has been brought up before either in this forum and/or on Facebook groups for CSP teachers. From what I recall, the conversation usually centers around different ways to leverage the student’s grade, but also trying additional avenues like contacting parents like you have.

From what I understand, students are still graded on the things they did submit, including the multiple choice exam.

Sorry I couldn’t offer more helpful advice, as I’ve felt I’m in the same boat.



Hi @jo.davidsmeyer,

I certainly can understand your frustration. When I was a teacher myself, I held a final in-school workshop day for all CSP students. On the board, I drew a thermometer and all the student names. As students submitted final, they got to come up to the board, cross out their names and fill in a line on the thermometer. Every time a student did this, the entire class would stop and clap for them. There was a sense of camaraderie, and a healthy dose of peer pressure as everyone wanted to fill the thermometer by the end of the day.

Keep up the good fight - you are doing excellent work with these students!



In the past I have never received a score for students who failed to submit any of the files for a performance task. I never really understood what that meant. Here’s what I found on the AP Website:

Are students required to use the AP Digital Portfolio in order to take the AP Exam and receive an AP score?

Yes, students are required to use the AP Digital Portfolio in order to take the AP Exam and receive an AP score. Performance tasks make up 40% of the overall course grade. If students want their performance tasks to be scored, they must complete the following in the AP Digital Portfolio by May 2, 11:59 p.m. ET: submit their tasks as final, indicate intent to take the end-of-course exam, and enter their AP number.

We highly recommend that students submit their performance tasks in addition to taking the end-of-course exam. Students must take an end-of-course exam to receive an AP score.

The first sentence seems to imply that maybe they won’t receive a score but the last sentence seems to imply otherwise…


I had a student last year who did not complete a portfolio (but did enter the AP number/intent to to take EOC). We did receive a score. I also had several that didn’t enter it this year–it’s definitely very frustrating! I feel like I see the same issue in other AP classes (the kids that just can’t be bothered to prepare/study for their exams) it’s just more obvious and in-your-face with the portfolio. My “solutions” are basically the same–but I’m going to add the class thermometer next year!

Happy Test Day!


I had a student last year who submitted an Explore task but no Create Task. I still received her score in my report.

I am a little relieved to hear that I’m not the only that wasn’t able to get all of my students to submit their tasks. Hopefully I can motivate more of them with something like the class thermometer next year. Thanks for the suggestion.

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