PT Examples Please


It’s the first year APCSP has been offered in my district and I’m pioneering it at our school. I’ve taught multiple AP courses over the years but this is the first one that requires some sort of upload. I’m not sure what college board is exactly looking for and going over their scoring guidelines doesn’t exactly give you an idea of what it should look like. Is there any place that we can find examples of good & bad PTs? I would like to go over them with my students as we continue to prepare.


Welcome to the group @lee.slattery! And congrats for taking this on!

The college board has examples on their site here:

They also have commentary about how it scored which was really helpful!


Also, check out Unit 6 of our course. which groups resources around some lessons you can do with students to prep for PTs.


Hi Baker,

I teach AP CSP at High Point Regional High School and am using’s curriculum. We are just starting the Create Task and I was wondering if had any samples tasks other than the college board’s 3 samples that scored well? I was hoping to see some that were used specifically in this lab.

Any information would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks so much


There are AppLab samples in the practice PT: Create assignment in Unit 5 <-- Teacher’s section. However, I don’t believe that they meet all of the current requirements. That said, they can be a good jumping off place for discussions with students about what does and does not fit the rubric.


So, I wrote some code examples for my students, largely not relying on Design mode so that they can see everything in one place. I’ll link to one that I think would have the ability to earn all of the points with proper writing.


@cdexter ,

There aren’t any specific examples - the only three examples we really have are those released by the college board. Next year we should have a little more to work from.


This is a little late (your students should be busily hacking away/getting ready to upload by now) however, some things to think about for those still struggling
First, look at all the stuff that was done during the year in CSP… all the protocols are actually apps that are out in the real world. Maybe they can make/simulate them.

Also, there are lots of books out there that have apps in them. In the early days of personal computing, you didn’t buy apps. Instead, you subscribed to computer magazines, and typed in the code they gave you for their app of the month. You can look for some of these and you might get some ideas. While they do give the source code, it’s all in 1970’s basic, and will need to be completely retooled for modern languages. Look for “Dave Ahl” and “basic computer games” will link to a book from the 1970 with, 101 ideas for apps.


Ok, it is now officially too late for this year, but I tripped over this too late for this year myself, but I think I found a GREAT resource for ideas for PT’s for next year.
First a little ancient history. In the dark days of the 70’s and early 80’s, for most people to get a new tool or game for your computer, you subscribed to a magazine called Creative Computing and typed in the BASIC code for the game or tool.

If you do a search on google for “BASIC Computer Games Dave Ahl” you will find a collection of those games. The version of BASIC is WAAAAY out of date, but the description of the game and the screenshot of how it is played can be used as a great source of inspiration for “Create” tasks.

And you can laugh at old timey people like me who still have a little nostalgia for those days :slight_smile:


Students are SO motivated to make games! This might be a great “practice” create!