Samples of student work

Is there a place to see samples of work students have done using app lab that were submitted as the create task? I would like my students to be able to see what a “quality” program looks like compared to one that is not up to par. Its my first year of teaching this class and want to make sure my students are aware of the expectations and also I don’t want them to kill themselves doing more than necessary. I have seen submissions that were not done in app lab but its hard to relate them to what we are doing.

Samples of work students have submitted for the Create PT are not available to teachers. Publishing actual submissions of the Create PT is not allowed by the College Board. Unit 8 Lesson 1 includes several scoring samples for the Create Task. The College Board also provides more samples here. In my classroom, I use the scoring samples as a guide for my students to see excellent to poor samples of the Create PT and how the scores are justified.

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