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Hello fellow AP CSP teachers. Here’s a question for you…

So one of my students submitted the wrong file (did not submit as final yet) and uploaded the new one. Will the scorer see the old submission? Will the old submission have any impact on the student’s score? Is there a way to delete the old submission?

He’s panicking a little, and I’m curious to know what happens with this. Anyone have any idea how this is taken care of or how I can take care of this?


It is my understanding that only the final submission is graded. There are frequently students who choose to revise their work, or who turn their explore in for create, accidentally upload someone else’s work from the desktop because both files are suspiciously named “explore.pdf” etc. Prior submissions will not be taken in to consideration and will not have an impact on the student.

I do not believe there is any way to delete the record of a previous submission being having been uploaded.

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@madeline_r_burton is correct, as far as I know from grading submissions a couple years ago. Graders don’t have enough time to dig through previous versions, CB has no reason to pay them to, and the grading platform simply displays final versions to the graders so they can’t access previous versions anyway ha. :stuck_out_tongue: I wouldn’t worry about it.

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The readers do not see anything but the latest files. I’m sure there are people who can go back and look at previous versions, but the reader will only see that final submission.

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Thank you all! You are all very helpful