Explore Task Question, Can I use these?


I am more than nervous on violating some rules or doing something wrong with teaching the guidelines of the Explore Task. I have created some documents I am hoping will guide my students, but have NOT give the following documents to them yet. I want to make sure it is permissible. Would I be violating anything if I gave students these documents to help guide their research before the 8 hours begins?

Prevent Plagiarism --Double Entry Journal.pdf (55.8 KB) --This is a form to help them avoid plagiarizing.

Explore Task Guidelines Poster (1).pdf (55.6 KB) --This breaks down what student and teacher can and can not do

AP Explore Checklist.pdf (71.5 KB) to distribute/display these in my classroom --This breaks down the overall rubric into very specific items. Some of my students will not take the time to read each bullet point, no matter how much I point them out :wink:

If I could get some feedback from a Code.org employee, that would put me at ease. I appreciate the time!

Hi @mcmastersha,

I don’t see any of those resources as violating the performance task rules. To me, they’re clarifying the rules of the task.

However, code.org doesn’t have any more authority to make this call than any other teacher (as far as I know), so if you really want an authoritative voice on this, I recommend you post on the AP community discussion board and hear from a College Board representative.


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I also think you are fine with those but like Frank said I’m not the College Board. You are not giving any more information than is available in code.org survival guide or in Assessment Overview from the College Board.

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