Student error in Portfolio upload

Good afternoon,
I had a few students upload their Explore Task/Artifact to the wrong category, and then submit. Is there a way for them to undo this error? I was thinking I may have to delete them and have them sign up all over again. Is there another option? Thanks.

You can return the student files and have them re-submit. You can find the instructions on page 16 in the teacher guide.

On a similar note some of my students uploaded videos for their Computational Artifacts. I saw the videos before they were uploaded, but once they were submitted as final I can’t play them. On some I get audio in a Windows Media Player, on others nothing… I returned them for technical difficulty, but I don’t know if it’s my player that’s not cooperating, or if they won’t play for the scorers, either. I know at least one was a .mov file. Thanks!

Is there any way to resubmit a student’s file after May 2nd? Several students uploaded at least one wrong document. They uploaded their explore task in the create section.

As far as I know you can’t, but it’s worth contacting the College Board:

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