Returning work?


I am wondering what the procedure is on when to return a file to a student. I know you need to return it if the file is corrupted or there are other technical issues. I’m wondering if I’m allowed to return it if the student clearly didn’t finish answering the question and I know they meant to? Or is that considered as feedback?


@lynette_yorgason That is a tough one, but I think it falls under the category of providing feedback to the student before assessment. For so this scenario some may think that it falls within a gray area. I however, in this case prefer to stay o the side of caution. I would not return the document to the student.


I was thinking the same thing, it feels kind of rough but I can also see doing it leading to a slippery slope of teacher feedback. Thanks!


Hi @lynette_yorgason,

I agree with @terence.stone25 that you should not return the document. Specifically, (quoted from official College Board person Crystal Furman on the College Board community forum)…

On page 16 of the AP CSP digital portfolio teacher guide, teachers can return work to students if their work:

• Is the wrong submission

• Is corrupt or not readable

• Cannot be opened due to some other technical error

I hope that helps to clarify.



The Survival Guide also has a really good checklist for students to self-check and ensure that they have met all of the requirements.