Digital Portfolio not saving work?


Some of my students are having trouble uploading their work to the digital portfolio. I have watched them hit upload, select a pdf and save it. But then it never appears in my progress view, and on their screen it doesn’t appear.
I have emailed the college board, but no answer yet.
Anyone have any ideas?


Check to make sure the PDF and video file sizes are 30MB.


That’s happening for a few of my students too.

If the issue was the file being too large, I wish they would give a specific message explaining why.

For one student yesterday, we fixed it by simplifying the file name by removing special characters.

For the others, I just keep telling them to keep trying. It’s frustrating.


Some of my students had this issue too. I looked and the file sizes were OK, files were PDFs and everything looked good. After trying it a couple of times what we found was that they had dashes in the file name. Once we removed those it uploaded fine. I still don’t know why that would be. Try simplifying the file name (no special characters) and uploading it again.


This worked for me! Thanks @gjschmidt!!


Can anyone explain to me how they remove the file from the digital porfolio.


If the student has a submitted the file, they cannot remove it. You, the teacher, would have to return it to them. When you click on the student submission it gives you the option to return the file. You will have to give a reason for returning the file.


As long as they didn’t hit “Submit Final” they can simply submit a new version. Only the last submission will be graded. If they clicked “Submit Final” then the teacher can unsubmit but you have choose a reason and the choices are very limited! They are:
o Is the wrong submission
o Is corrupt or not readable
o Cannot be opened due to some other technical error

I always wondered why the college board keeps all the old versions around and my suspicious nature makes me wonder if it’s so they can check to see if the reason you gave was valid for the changes they see in the file. The instructions for returning a file to a student are on page 16 of the Teacher’s Guide.