AP Digital Portfolio: View File Issue

We are doing our final submissions for the CT and several students noticed that the “view file” before you submit the written response on AP’s website does not work. I emailed them, but I am curious if anyone else is running into this issue or if it is something with my computer lab.

A few of my students are also encountering the same issue. For us, the “View File” button does not successfully download the PDF file, but they are still able to checkmark all of the legal jargon and move forward. Unfortunately, when they get to the last “Submit Final” button, the College Board website does not show a successful submission or draft. In both the student view and my teacher view, the written response is still marked as the “No Draft” empty black square.

We have troubleshooted by trying different internet browsers, signing out and back in, re-uploading screenshots, and different computers, and still no luck. Please let me know if AP gets back to you on email - I have spoken to someone on the phone and they are escalating the issue to a higher IT person.

Thanks for sharing. I have seen this issue as well and would love to know what happens with this.

Good morning!

Wanted to update on what has happened with this “bug”: after contacting the AP College Board directly, a representative was able to download and submit all of my students’ outstanding written responses. They gave no indication as to what might have been causing this problem to begin with (could have been a server error or a student error). She stated that she used Google Chrome to submit, if your student is using a different browser.

I also had a different student who discovered that copying from a rich-text document (like Word) into the AP College Board written response was causing an error. All she had to do was “Paste as Plain Text” to avoid this issue. I will definitely be double-checking all of my students’ submission before the deadline closes tonight!


Thank you for sharing this information.

She stated that she used Google Chrome to submit, if your student is using a different browser.

I was also told by college board to try a different browser. That did not solve our problem. I emailed them back and I am waiting for a response back,