Create Task Written response template

I’m looking for a response template ( Google idea) for the create task. Digital Portfolio requires students to enter the information on the digital portfolio which is a pain to use in order to grade the written responses.

I don’t know of a Google Doc version. Is that what you are looking for? Also please note that the College Board rules state that you cannot grade this until after the April 30th submission deadline.

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@dlewin - we will be updating Unit 8 to match to the new way for students to submit the task. This will hopefully be done in the next month or so.

We want to be careful about any confusion over submitting tasks using a PDF as was the previous case. Students now submit:

  1. Video
  2. Written Responses on AP Classroom
  3. PDF of program code

I imagine we will have a template for students to fill out from which they will copy/paste sections on to AP Classroom, but we have not fully explored our updates for this unit yet.


I had my TAs put this doc together to mirror the PDF template from college board

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