Create PT Template

I am having trouble finding the Written Response Templates for the Create PT. Can anyone direct me? I’ve searched everywhere. Thanks.

You can find it in the digital portfolio. If you go to your sections and click on the Written Responses option of both Performance Tasks. You should see the templates.

Thank you for your response. I read that somewhere else, but I don’t have that menu. Here’s a screenshot of my DP. Any advice?

This is what my screen looks like after I click on my course section. In case you still can’t find it, send me a personal message and I will try to send the templates via email. The forum rules are not allowing me to upload a dotx file here.

So I checked with one of my students and their screen matches yours, but I do not seem to have a way to access it. Thanks for your help.

Try contacting College Board.

I clicked on “Help” and scrolled down to Contact Us and found this number for teachers: 877-274-6474

How are the students supposed to submit their program code?
It says to:

  • Capture and paste your entire program code into the PDF.
    What PDF?
    The Create Written Response Template in the Create PT Unit, L1 only has 2a, 2b, 2c and 2d, there is not a number 3 to copy and paste the code into?

See image attached


So the students have uploaded the template. They can type directly on to the document but only in the table. I was going to have them copy and paste the questions to the template, but they can’t. Do the questions have to be on the template? If students are unable to type only in a table, how are they supposed to copy and paste their code in number 3, since number 3 is not listed on the template? How are they supposed to draw an oval around their required code when the only tool they can use is to type within the table? I was going to have them insert a shape to draw an oval or a rectangle, but they can’t. Also, I don’t like how this looks - it doesn’t look polished at all. Can this be edited? They cannot expand the width of the table, they cannot delete the blue text, they cannot add the questions (if they’re needed), and they cannot copy and paste their code. Suggestions? Thank you image

Does anybody know if we can just have the kids upload the Create Task Template and the Explore Task Templates that are provided in the curriculum? Or is this not allowed? The College Board has stated that we cannot use “Fill in the Blank” Templates but am not sure if any others have had their kids use and submit the Templates for these tasks?

Hi @audia.dominic - we checked our templates with the College Board and they were approved for students to use to submit because all they contain are the prompts.

The types of templates that are not approved contain sentence starters or extra aids for the students.

I have my students just delete the prompts if they use the template once they are finished. If they use the one I have, it is similar to the College Board template with just the number and word count.

Hi Kimberly,

Would you mind sending to my email? Thank you


Does anybody know if for 2020 the CollegeBoard still will allow the templates to be used for the Create and Explore tasks. We just got an email today from them that states:

Use Written-Response Templates

Instruct students to use the AP CSP written-response template for both performance tasks, as it will facilitate accurate scoring of their work. The use of College Board templates may help to avoid suspicion of plagiarism. Using templates that contain sentence starters or fill in the blanks is a violation of the task guidelines and may result in a student scoring 0 (zero) on their performance task.

Students can download the written-response template from the written-response page of the performance task they’re working on.

I believe these are still OK to use. I will ask someone from to respond. If there are concerns, your students can always copy and paste into the College Board Template just to be safe.

Our templates are fine to use because they do not have anything on them except the prompts. Any additions (sentence starters, hints, checklists, etc.) are not allowed.

As others have mentioned, students can also delete the prompts after they are done writing their responses.