Can students just edit the PT Template and save that as a PDF?


Can students just edit the PT template with their responses, then save that as a PDF and submit that? The examples in U4Lesson9 are in this format.


I had my students do that.


I had my students do that as well.


We did that too. I had them do the pt are their specific part and the whole assembly which worked out pretty well. The only thing that was an issue was some didn’t have access to Adobe Acrobat so the printed it out. Going Green is a challenge.


Thanks for this post because I was questioning the same thing. I’m a newbie so tell me if I understand this correctly. My students are following’s Survival Guide Written Template and are currently working on their Explore Task. Once they’re done, they will copy and paste their answers into a Word doc (or similar) and then save it as a .pdf and submit it through the digital portfolio? Should they also include the Questions (prompts)? am I on the right track?

Also, the survival guide is an extremely useful tool. Thanks I love this entire curriculum!



The responses need to be labelled and in order ( 2A, 2B, etc) in the submitted PDF. There is no need to include the prompts.

They can create their own documents and convert them to PDF or use the PDF template available on the Digital Portfolio Explore/Written Responses page.

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Thank you for the pointer on there being a PDF template on the Digital Portfolio Explore/Written Responses page!

I created a template for my students starting with the Explore PT Survival Guide with a few minor typo adjustments to match the AP Course and Exam Description (Updated Fall 2017).

Available here:


I am having my students make a pdf from the template. I don’t want them to mix up or forget to copy and paste to the college board template or blank document. Anyone else doing this?