Create PT Resources Update

Hello CS Principles Community,

Last month we announced updates to the Explore - AP Performance Task Prep unit in response to new materials the College Board has released for the 2018/2019 school year.

Once again I’m excited to announce more updates - this time for the Create - AP Performance Task Prep unit.

The Create Performance Task 2019 Scoring Guidelines (rubric) detail a few changes. We have updated our documents and lesson plans accordingly.

What’s New?

For Students:

We have updated our Survival Guide including the improved Create PT Guidelines found at the end of the guide. Verified Teachers can access the Survival Guide Key in the Lesson Plans. The updated Key offers more commentary on choosing correct algorithms and abstractions.

We created a separate Create PT - Written Response Template that students can use to complete the written response section of the task.

New for 2019!!! We have prepared a Create PT Programming Journal for students to record their progress while completing the task. Feel free to edit this document to suit the needs of your class. For example, if you have block periods there may be less days needed to complete the hour requirements. Therefore, there might be less total journal entries, but perhaps student responses would be longer.

The College Board released 10 new student sample tasks. We have summarized three of the samples into our ever-popular side-by-side documents which compare the student answer with the College Board response, going through the rubric row by row. In addition we updated one of the 2017 samples and have included it in this set as an exemplar.

For Teachers:

We created three new documents this year to help teachers dig into the samples using a different lens. In each of these documents, we focused on one of the Create PT prompts, and listed all ten of the sample responses for that prompt along with the College Board feedback. It is our hope that these documents help teachers gain a holistic view of what the College Board is looking for in regards to the specific prompts and be prepared to answer student questions. These documents can be found in the “Preparation” and “Teaching Tips” sections of Lesson 1 in the Create - AP Performance Task unit.

How might you use these documents?

  1. Scan through the documents before teaching this unit to familiarize yourself with the College Board expectations and prepare to answer student questions

  2. Review the documents again after the performance task has been officially turned in to the College Board for guidance on optionally scoring the tasks for your own gradebook.

In Conclusion

All teacher documents can be found in the Lesson Plans for the Create - AP Performance Task Prep unit. Student documents can be accessed by students on Code Studio. We hope these documents are useful for both teachers and students. Please don’t hesitate to let us know how we can make them even better!


~ Hannah

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The link for the Survival guide does not work.


Thanks for letting us know @nread - it is fixed now.

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…and thanks for all of the GREAT resources! makes me feel very supported!

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Is there a “Create PT Check-In organizer - hi-res pdf” from lesson 2 that is a google doc or word format that is editable? The pdf is not editable.

There is not an official one at this point. If you make one yourself, please share on the forum - I’m sure other teachers would appreciate it!