Create PT Samples Summarization in One Page


We’re starting the Create PT tomorrow, and I put together this one-page summary of everything I think is important for me and my students. I hope some of you find it useful! Please let me know if you spot any errors. I use it by showing it on my SmartBoard and clicking through various samples with my students, and I also share it with them.

BTW, I created a similar one for the Explore PT in December, it’s here in the forum somewhere if you think it might be useful.


This is great Will! Thanks for sharing. Very convenient and helpful from a printable-one page document.

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Thank you for sharing. This is very useful. I like how you added all the relevant information along with the survival guide, rubric and template into this one pager. Easy for the students to go thru too.

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Awesome! Thank you. This is a great resource I am giving out to my students tomorrow.


Thank you for sharing this wonderful summary sheet!