Creating Apps and Devices Lesson 12: Project

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Link to the project or level: App Lab -
What I expect to happen: The app is supposed to trigger a statement whenever two conditions are met.
What actually happens: An error message is appearing on line 14 stating that a β€œ;” is missing before the statement SyntaxError: unexpected token (14:47)
What I’ve tried: We tried to make adjustments to the code and it is still giving us an error.


I’m not seeing that happening … It appears to be functioning right now. Did your student perhaps fix the issue? If it’s still happening, please give us specific values for the slider and the input box that will cause the error to happen so we can further diagnose.



Thank you for your response. We kept working at it. In the end, we opened up the app lap on the dashboard and since all of the coding is available there he was able to pull coding blocks and code form there and place it in his lesson 12 project. It works now! Thank you! His coding needs were to advanced for what this section of the lesson was offering him.