Lesson 11 Level 4 Error

I have a student in my AP CSP course. We are looking at her code for Lesson 11 Level 4 in unit 5. She is getting an error message but we cannot find a difference between her code and my code… we are wracking our brains and cannot find her error. Can you find it?

Link to the project or level: App Lab - Code.org

What I expect to happen: it says student is undefined but we have it defined on line 25
We are unsure why there is an error message coming up… do we need to assign the variable an empty string?


Your link takes us to the activity page on code.org, but not to the student’s project. Can you send the “shared” link instead?


I think I fixed that link now. Thank you. :grinning:


Line 28 has an extra semi-colon that isn’t needed, but is causing problems with the code after it.

Good luck!


@mwood ,

Thank you so much! Three of us missed that! I really appreciate you taking the time to look it over and give the feedback. May you have a wonderful day!