Creating my own class project area?

Hi all,

Is it possible to create a section for my students to create their own projects that keeps track of their progress that I can access and follow how they are going. Similar to the Tutorials but for their individual projects.


Hi Col, unfortunately we do not currently have that available. What you could do, is have students create blank projects and share them with you. I’d put all of these links in a single document. Then you can click through the programs at any point and see the progress that they have made:

Tip: to save time, add /view to the end of each project URL so you are taken to the Code View and don’t have to click “View Code” on each project.

You could also check out the project tab for a specific class section. I believe you can see your student projects there if you select that section. I usually do this when I grade projects for a class section.

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